Simple, Smart AGV


JBT Corp. has released a simple and affordable automatic guided vehicle (AGV) solution for mid-sized applications: JayBoT.
The system is ideal for operations currently using manual forklift trucks, requiring one to four vehicles, and are just starting to automate. JayBoT incorporates all intelligence and key decision-making capability directly on the vehicle, which reduces the complexity of the installation and eliminates much of the cost, allowing the devices to communicate directly with one another when necessary and eliminating the need for a system manager.
The on-board intelligence system allows the JayBoT AGV to navigate within the natural environment, meaning all navigation sensors are on the vehicle itself and there’s typically no requirement for the installation of reflectors, magnets or wires within the plant.

JayBoT AGVs are capable of very precise maneuvering, including the type of positioning needed for servicing racks, stands and other locations. The JayBoT AGV operates on predefined "roads" and creates a 360-deg. "safe zone" around the vehicle (including warning and stop zones) to protect pedestrians, mobile vehicles and equipment.
Designed to maximize both productivity and profitability, the JayBoT AGV communicates with input/output to support movement, charge batteries and receive orders to move loads. JayBoT AGV solutions have scalable architecture, allowing for decentralized control for simple A to B movements or a more centralized design for integrated, highly optimized fleets. This scalability is ideal for companies in the middle segment, where automated guided carts (AGCs) don’t offer enough functionality and where traditional AGV systems are too complex and too costly.
The result is a less expensive system that’s easier to operate, more productive than other methods and that can be delivered and installed in half the time of other automated solutions.

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