Simplex AirLock Cleanrooms are on the Move!


Simplex Isolation Systems is one of the most prominent names in cleanrooms for two reasons. First is their commitment to the modular design of their product. Second is the drive to continuously develop new technology for cleanroom users.

“Our commitment to modular designs,” said Duane McKinnon, president of the Fontana, CA-based firm, “started with the realization that with technology constantly changing and improving in so many industries, the demand for a clean environment for research and assembly is only going to grow. It is imperative that manufacturers are able to expand their clean environments as their business grows. This is why we developed the AirLock cleanroom.”

When a manufacturer needs to double his cleanroom space, his original AirLock cleanroom can be quickly reconfigured to accommodate the additional footage. The entire Simplex product line – softwalls, hardwalls, extruded aluminum framing, hardware and more -- are all designed as modular units for easy expansion or reconfiguration. When specified with the proper components, AirLock cleanrooms can be used to achieve levels of clean from ISO Class 8 (Class 100,000) to ISO Class 4 (Class 10). These rooms can also be configured to create either negative or positive pressure environments.

Innovation is the other hallmark of Simplex’s presence in the market. The AirLock cleanroom with latch-together frames and inserts can be assembled in a matter of hours, with only a few tools, and the final product is solid. Recently Simplex revolutionized the cleanroom industry by introducing PolySim 509, the only non-outgassing, static dissipative, Class One fire-rated, thermoplastic urethane softwall material on the market. Simplex also offers a wide selection of other cleared and tinted vinyls and solid inserts.

Simplex cleanrooms come with a selection of doors and other options to fulfill your requirements. Ceiling options include internally and externally supported structures capable of handling HEPA filters or air conditioning units, or they can be quickly adapted to existing ventilation or dust collection systems.

Founded in 1979, Simplex Isolation Systems designs and manufactures custom isolation products and systems that are modular and easily expandable. Simplex products are distributed in the U.S and Canada through a nationwide dealer network. To learn more about the complete line of cleanroom components and isolation solutions from Simplex, call 1-800-854-7951, or visit the Simplex website at

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