Simplex Armor-Bond Industrial Strip Doors are Ideal for Heavy-Duty Applications!


Simplex Armor-Bond Industrial Strip Doors provide the perfect solution for protecting the interior of your warehouse or factory from outdoor elements, and also help save money by reducing heating and air conditioning bills.

Strips separate easily to allow personnel, hand trucks and even forklifts to pass effortlessly through, and then come together again to form a near perfect seal. Use Armor-Bond Strip Doors to isolate your factory or warehouse from outside factors – rain, heat, wind, dust, insects, birds – or use them inside to limit noise and contain airborne particles from infiltrating other areas of the plant. Vinyl strips are shipped flat to prevent curl and install with a minimum of tools.

Armor-Bond Industrial Strip Doors from Simplex are made of 100% virgin vinyl – no recycled materials. The strips are available in thicknesses from .040 mil to .160 mil, and range in width from 8 to 16 inches. For heavy traffic points scratch-resistant ribbed strips are also available.

Armor-Bond strips are mounted with any of several patented mounting systems from Simplex using the Bonded Bead or the Hook Bead mounting system. This innovative system, developed by Simplex, allows the strip to pivot in the mounting, thus eliminating stress at this vulnerable point. The Bonded Bead and Hook Bead mounting systems work so well, in fact, that Simplex is able to offer a lifetime warranty on the strips at the point where they mount.

Founded in 1979, Simplex Isolation Systems designs and manufactures custom isolation products and systems that are modular and easily expandable. Simplex products are distributed in the U.S and Canada through a nationwide dealer network. To learn more about the complete line of strip door components and isolation solutions from Simplex, call 1-800-854-7951, or visit the Simplex website at

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