Single-Axis Actuators Configurable in 208 Styles


Misumi USA, Inc. announces the introduction of its single-axis actuators, available in 208 configured styles and a standard manufacturing time of 11 working days from receipt of order.  These new actuators are compatible with most servo motors and are designed to provide precision linear motion in a variety of general industrial assembly, as well as automotive, packaging and medical manufacturing applications.  Starting prices from $1073 mean these actuators are a practical and economical alternative to custom-designed units.  

    Each unit is a ball-screw driven device, built on a sturdy extruded 6063-T6 aluminum base with black anodized finish and 1045 steel side supports.  By configuring the precision grade C10 ball screw diameter (12-20mm) and lead (4-20mm), as well as the base width, stroke and table length, machine and equipment builders can literally design these actuators to suit the application at hand, without the need for customizing a standard unit or building it themselves, both costly and time-consuming alternatives.  

    Other features on these new Misumi single-axis actuators include a linear slide for medium or heavy loads, grooved base for sensor mounting, top plate with tapped holes for switch flags on both sides and a tight-tolerance bore (DH7) motor bracket to accept most popular 30-400W servos.  With high positioning repeatability as low as ±0.03mm and parallelism these actuators are able to suit demanding applications.  Maximum velocities are available to 1055mm/sec

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