Single-Board Cameras


Offered in board-level and housed form factors, the 27 camera series features a robust industrial design with C/CS mount and is available with a USB 3.0 interface in monochrome and color.


The 5 and 10-megapixel CMOS cameras are equipped with the Aptina MT9P006 and MT9J003 sensors respectively, and are distinguished by their compact design (starting at 30 x 30 x 10 mm) and impressive image quality. Camera deliver excellent images even under poor lighting conditions.


A free 1 and 2D barcode SDK as well as software for on-screen measurement and image acquisition are included.


Cameras are shipped with:

  • Drivers for LabView, HALCON, MERLIC, Twain, and NeuroCheck
  • Driver for Windows XP, Vista, W7/8, and SDK IC Imaging Control 3.2
  • IC Capture, a powerful end-user software to set all camera parameters
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