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WinSystems announced their EPX-C380, an EPIC-compatible, Intel® 1.66 GHz Atom™-based single board computer (SBC).  The EPX-C380 uses either the Intel Atom single core N450 or dual core D510 processor combined with the ICH8M I/O hub controller both of which are supplied from Intel’s Embedded Architecture Division for long-term availability.  
Operational from -40° to +70°Celsius, these SBCs provide an open and powerful platform for processor- and I/O-intensive solutions for demanding applications such as medical, COTS/military, security, transportation, pipeline, and machine control.  The EPX-C380 measures 115mm x 165mm (4.5” x 6.5”) and is compatible with the EPIC (Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing) computer board standard.
The EPX-C380 uses the integrated Intel® Gen 3.5 graphics processor which incorporates both VGA and LVDS display interfaces with resolutions of 1400 x 1050 and 1366 x 768 respectively.  Memory support includes up to 2GB of DDR2 667 MHz SODIMM system memory as well as a CompactFlash socket and optional 2MB battery backed SRAM. Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000149 EndHTML:0000001347 StartFragment:0000000199 EndFragment:0000001313 StartSelection:0000000199 EndSelection:0000001313 The EPX-C380 has two Gigabit Ethernet ports, two SATA channels, and eight USB 2.0 ports plus four RS-232/422/485 asynchronous serial channels onboard. Also a parallel port consisting of 48 lines of digital I/O, high definition audio (7.1 codec), LPT interface, real time clock, and a watchdog timer round out the onboard I/O.  PC/104-Plus and miniPCIe connectors are included for expansion with either standard or user-designed specialty I/O modules.
Since the EPX-C380 architecture is PC compatible, it supports WES 7, Linux, Windows® XP embedded, and a vast software development tool set including device drivers and libraries.  It also supports other x86-compatible real time operating systems such as QNX and VxWorks.
The EPX-C380 requires only +5 volts and typically draws 1.9 Amps (typical) with 1 Gigabyte of DDR SDRAM installed.  The board is RoHS compliant.


  • uses the integrated Intel® Gen 3.5 graphics processor
  • PC compatible
  • requires only +5 volts and typically draws 1.9 Amps
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