Single Channel Gas Alarm


MIL-RAM TECHNOLOGY designed and manufactured the Gas Alarm Single Channel Gas Detector for Toxic, Oxygen, VOC and LEL Combustible Gas Detection. Hundreds of different gases utilizing several sensor technologies; electrochemical, catalytic, infrared, photo-ionization, solid-state and more. The Gas Alarm features integrated Strobe and Horn for visual/audible alarm acknowledgement in busy industrial environments. no false alarms Mil-Ram patented gas sensor technology; Self-Calibration/Auto-Gas Calibration, hands-free, magnetic switches; Offsite sensor calibration - memory chip embedded in sensor; Peak value, 15-min. TWA; Remaining Sensor Life/Replace Sensor Indication; Operating Voltage: 110/220VAC. Output: 4-20mA, linear; Relay Module - 10 Amps; Modbus RTU - multi-drop installations/serial communications to central control system option; Ethernet option; Continuous Diagnostics.


  • integrated Strobe and Horn
  • Self-Calibration/Auto-Gas Calibration
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