Single-Use P-80® Packets


Single-use packets of P-80® Temporary Assembly Lubricants are now available from International Products Corporation (IPC).  P-80 Emulsion, P-80 THIX, and P-80 Grip-it are available in the new 7.5 ml single-use size and will be sold in cases of 200.  

In addition to being useful for field service, the single-use pillow packs offer seal distributors and other rubber component manufactures a convenient way to be certain their clients use the proper lubrication for installing their parts.  According to Dave Pitchko, owner of CinchSeal in Pennsauken, NJ, “The new P-80 packets are the perfect size for including in our seal kits.  It is important that our seals are assembled using the correct lubricant to ensure the long life and proper function of the seal, so we include a packet of P-80 THIX in every kit we ship out.”

P-80 Lubricants provide temporary lubrication that eases assembly of tight-fitting parts such as o-rings, hoses, seals, grommets, bushings, grips, and many other parts.  By reducing the force needed for assembly, P-80 products help speed production while lowering the incidence of damaged parts and injury to workers.  P-80 lubricants are widely use in the automotive, appliance, and pump industries, and are compatible with most elastomers, plastics, and metals.  Originally designed for use on porous rubber, they are now used in many different types of assembly applications.

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