Siren Alert


Producing a sweep siren output at 105dB, Transducers USA’s newly-released siren alert is now available in an even smaller package than in any competitive counterpart. The high output of Transducers’ new model TRIP-4558L produces an attention getting sweep siren making them ideal for intrusion detection, mobile alarms and for emergency alerts in lab testing procedures.

In an ABS plastic housing measuring only 57 x 44 x 32mm, the new Transducers USA TRIP-4558L siren alert produces an amazing sound output of 105dB @ 100cm with an attention-getting output of 1500 to 4000Hz within an operating voltage range of
 5-15vDC at 200mA. Operating temperature range is - 20 to + 70°C.

The TRIP-4558L housing is furnished in black and comes with an adjustable attached swivel bracket with pre-drilled mounting holes for flexibility in mounting options. Sealed red and black #24 AWG wire leads are standard.


  • ABS plastic housing
  • sound output of 105dB @ 100cm
  • attention-getting output of 1500 to 4000Hz
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