The SKF® CMPT Copperhead Transmitter Unit (CTU) offers flexibility and versatility as a sophisticated “brain” for machinery fault detection systems in the mining, mineral processing, and cement industries. Users can select from among several types of vibration signal process analyses and can further configure units to monitor machines operating either at normal speeds or low speeds (below 40 r/min).

The CTU (paired with SKF sensors or other industrial accelerometers) can alert users to equipment problems before they can escalate in such applications as roll presses, kilns, traveling grates, screens, crushers, conveyors, fans, and mills. Users can realize reduced unplanned downtime, minimized maintenance and repair costs, and improved worker safety.

The CTU digitally evaluates overall machinery vibration and provides a processed analog signal to detect such problems as loose parts, imbalance, gear and bearing damage, lack of lubrication, and others that can adversely affect machine performance and plant productivity.

Units feature built-in SKF Acceleration Enveloping, velocity, and acceleration analysis configurations providing the adaptability to select the preferred vibration analysis for an application. The CTU can be connected directly into existing automation systems or can stand alone for monitoring and alarming (with optional Copperhead digital display module). Multiple monitoring points can be easily interconnected to a PC.

The CTU is integrated in kits with an SKF vibration sensor to create a simple and easy-to-install one-sensor, one-transmitter system or can be integrated with multiple sensors and CTU kits. Rugged construction extends reliability in service.


• Supply Voltage: +24 V DC (+22 to +28 V DC) • Supply current: 250 mA, maximum • Power: 6 W, maximum • Acceleration Enveloping, gE (ENV3): 500 Hz – 10 kHz • Humidity: 95 % maximum • IP rating: IP20
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