A new advanced version of SKF SPEEDI-SLEEVE that offers exceptional performance in radial shaft sealing applications is now available from SKF.  The new generation SKF SPEEDI-SLEEVE and SKF radial shaft seals offer an enhanced sealing system performance with improved reliability and extended maintenance intervals, while enabling users to restore malfunctioning sealing systems without having to disassemble machines or regrind shafts.

The new generation SKF SPEEDI-SLEEVE is intended for OEM and aftermarket applications in diverse industries. The solution finds use in industrial gearboxes, electrical equipment such as motor shafts, off-highway construction and agricultural vehicles, and mining and mineral processing equipment including crushers, conveyors, fans and pumps.

Sealing system maintenance without disassembly

“In original-equipment applications, SKF SPEEDI-SLEEVE can be installed at the outset, making shaft requirements less stringent and often eliminating the need for costly shaft treatments,” says Julian Webb, global product manager, SKF. “In repair and replacement applications, SKF SPEEDI-SLEEVE has clear benefits over other maintenance approaches that require system disassembly and shaft regrinding.”

Radial shaft seals can lose their effectiveness when contaminant particles infiltrate under the sealing lip, abrading the shaft and causing lubricant leakage. SKF SPEEDI-SLEEVE is simply slipped into position over worn shaft areas, providing an effective sealing surface. No labour-intensive disassembly or machining is required. The procedure takes only a few minutes.

The advanced SKF SPEEDI-SLEEVE potentially contributes to reduced component lifecycle costs and increased Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) rates in many applications.

Advanced sleeve material

The new generation SKF SPEEDI-SLEEVE is produced using a proprietary stainless steel that offers increased strength and superior ductility. This results in an optimized sealing surface and minimized wear on the sleeve and sealing lip during operation.

In tests conducted by SKF, the new generation SKF SPEEDI-SLEEVE demonstrated 50% greater resistance to abrasive media than the previous sleeve version. Tests were performed using both coarse and fine dust, at linear shaft speeds up to 8,6 m/s (1 700 ft/min). In addition, in a 2 000-hour seal life expectancy test, the advanced SKF SPEEDI-SLEEVE reduced wear on the seal counterface by approximately 30% compared with the previous sleeve.    

Standard sizes for the new generation SKF SPEEDI-SLEEVE cover shaft diameters ranging from 11,99 to 203,33 mm (0.47 to 8 in.). The sleeve is also available as SKF SPEEDI-SLEEVE Gold made for highly abrasive environments and for applications with seals made of filled PTFE.


  • enhanced sealing system performance
  • enables users to restore malfunctioning sealing systems
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