The Lapp Group’s new SKINTOP INOX cable connector prevents microorganisms and bacteria form sticking to its surface, making it ideal for food and beverage and pharmaceutical applications. Made from food-grade 316L stainless steel, the INOX features enclosed, sealed threads, and exterior surfaces without gaps or protruding features, to prevent the trapping of particulate or microbes. The number of tooling flats, which blend seamlessly with the surrounding housing surfaces, have also been reduced to just two. Additionally, the new INOX cable glands also feature integral food-grade silicone o-rings for IP 68 protection at 5 bar.

Lapp’s new INOX hygienic glands meet all the high performance and ease-of-use standards expected from its SKINTOP products, including:

  • Operating temperature range of -30 to 100 C.
  • Wide clamping range of 7 to 13 mm with M20 x 1.5 threads.
  • Compliance with ISO 14159 standards for machinery hygiene


  • food-grade 316L stainless steel
  • enclosed, sealed threads
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