SLG Family of Light Grids


SICK announces the launch of its new SLG family of non-safety, through-beam light grids. The SLG is the slimmest light grid on the market. Using only 8 mm of space for the optics, the SLG can be hidden inside machines, frames, doors, and other places where space and aesthetics are desired. In addition to its small size and simple configuration interface, the SLG is also the lowest-cost solution for detecting an object as it moves through an area.

The SLG family is organized into three groups:
•    SGS - for large areas, such as doors and gates
•    SAS - for smaller area coverage on machines and with more advanced configurations
•    SPL - for pick-to-light applications with automatic teach-in and job LEDs
Additional features and benefits include one touch setup – configure and adjust sensor without a PC. Customers can also detect small objects when the cross beam function is enabled to increase
resolution to 25 mm. Advanced options work to keep the sensors reliable and available. Their sleek and slender design not only saves space, it creates more work area. In addition, out-of-the way installation can prevent intentional and accidental damages. They are designed with cost-savings in mind, offering simple “break-a-beam, get-an-output” functionality. Typical applications are pallet jut-out or overhang detection on conveyer belts, opening doors for door and gate access control in factories and distribution centers, part ejection detection in wood and metal fabrication, and door control on mass transit, such as subways, busses and trains.  

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