SlideTrax Chain Guides


One-piece design SlideTrax chain guides for curves and straights used for side flexing and straight running are made to exact radius requirements and incorporate proper guide clearance for new conveyors and refurbishing existing ones.


With clearance established in a single unit, installation time and the number of fasteners required are greatly reduced.


SlideTrax curves can be made in a range of materials: UMHW formulation or MD-nylon. Common materials include: OF/UHMW (oil-filled UHMW), DS/UHMW (dry lubricant filled), and HT/UHMW (high temperature, 275°F) Delrin, even lube filled wood.


A typical centerline radius of 18 to 36 in. for curve sections can be furnished depending on chain model curve section requirements. Custom sizes and materials are also available. Two-piece radius curve wear strips are available for bevel design or rectangular design applications.

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