Slim Moving Coil Linear Motor


At 6 mm, the LCA6 is touted as the thinnest moving coil linear motor currently available. It is ideal for electronicd pick-and-place, biomedical dispensing, and QC measurement.

Additional benefits include: superior cross ruler guiding, ultra-low friction, ultra-smooth and rigid guiding, programmable position, force, velocity, Soft-Land capability, and feedback position of position, force, and velocity. Built-in sensor feedback system affords Moving Coil Actuators the mechatronic ability to perform work and verify success simultaneously.


LCA6 Specs:

  • Linear Stroke: 10 +1/0 mm
  • Encoder resolution: 1, 5 micron
  • Encoder repeatability: 4 count
  • Coil resistance: 18.9 OHMS (24V)
  • Moving mass: 38 g
  • Total mass: 210 g (w/o cable)
  • Operating temperature: 0° to 45°C
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