SlimLine Insulated Screwdrivers


Weidmuller announces an addition to their extensive line of high-quality tools with the new SlimLine screwdrivers. Featuring a slim blade, Weidmuller’s insulated screwdriver design makes it possible to easily access deeply inset screws and operate the spring of tension clamp terminal blocks. SlimLine screwdrivers are safe for working in applications up to 1500 VDC and 1000 VAC in accordance with DIN EN 60900, IEC 900. Utilizing Weidmuller’s standard insulated screwdriver design, the protective insulation is molded directly onto the screwdriver blade, ensuring electrical safety from the handle to the blade tip. The new SlimLine design features a 33% slimmer blade, ideal for reaching screws that are sunk well below the surface of electrical components and to operate the spring of Weidmuller’s Z-series tension clamp terminal blocks. 

Weidmuller’s premium screwdrivers, like the SlimLine family, offer fully hardened high-alloy steel blades in a black gunmetal finish. The ergonomically designed handle enables fatigue-free, comfortable working and the SoftFinish® zone ensures optimum “slip-free” control for high-torque tightening and loosening of screws. Eight new SlimLine screwdrivers are now available with slot-head, cross-head (Phillips) or pozidrive tips and can be purchased in a variety pack of six. Each tool is individually tested by both the International Electrotechnical Commission (EN/IEC) and The Association of German Electro Technicians (VDE) and carries the markings required by current arc flash standards, including those mandated by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA-70E).  


  • slim blade
  • easily access deeply inset screws
  • fatigue-free, comfortable working

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