The Sludge Masters Coolant Filter System is designed to extend coolant life by preventing the accumulation of contaminants anywhere in the system. Available models range from flush rates of 20 gpm to 250 gpm of clean coolant provided to the machine and combine the circulation, filtration and evacuation process into a continuous coolant management system that has few moving parts. The system has media-free filtration, so it is virtually maintenance free. Solids are collected automatically into a 55-gallon drum or hopper or optional bag filter for low volume applications allowing for easy disposal or for resale as scrap. The Sludge Masters Coolant Filtration System can service one or more machines. Its two stage filtration system offers from 40 to 10 micron clarity depending on application. In addition an optional chiller is available to eliminate thermal distortion. There is a complete line of separator filtration models for solid removal from light solids loading up to heavy solids loading. Use of the Sludge Masters Coolant Filter System offers the benefits of: increased production, extended wheel life, consistent process, decreased costs, the elimination of paper media and a cleaner working environment that helps the user become ISO 14000 compliant, while maintaining an economical and friendly working environment.
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