Small and Efficient Tramp Oil Separator


Master Chemical Corporation, known as the originators of coolant recycling, has introduced a smaller version of the Master Coalescer II™ tramp oil separator. Sales have been brisk for the Master Coalescer Jr.™, a compact, affordable, and effective processor of machine tool coolants that meets the requirements of any metalworking plant. The Master Coalescer Jr. is manufactured by the Systems Equipment Division of The Andersons, Inc.

“The Master Coalescer Jr. was developed to meet a need in the marketplace,” said Technical Support Representative, Ron Wendt, of the System Equipment Division of The Andersons, Inc.  “The Master Colascer Jr. provides an efficient and highly technical—yet cost effective—midsize tramp oil separator,” he stated. The machine removes tramp oils and provides clean, reusable coolant—paying for itself with extended coolant and tool life, improved machinability, and reduced maintenance. Tramp oils (hydraulic oils, lubes, or any undesirable oil) are a source of many of the problems associated with water-miscible cutting and grinding fluids. Removing the tramp oil from the coolant removes a food source for bacteria, reduces undesirable residues on machine tools and work pieces, and reduces smoke and oil mist in shop. According to Mr. Wendt, large, highly efficient tramp oil separators are priced at about $3,500. Small units cost between $400-$500, but are not considered efficient.

The Master Coalescer Jr. is designed for use with water-miscible coolants and parts washing fluids that “reject” tramp oils (chemical emulsion or chemical solution types.) Master Coalescer Jr. is not designed for use with chemical surface active types that emulsify tramp oils. According to Mr. Wendt, Master Coalescer Jr.’s compact design works with CNC machines with small, hard to access coolant sumps, requires minimum maintenance and provides maximum tramp oil removal while the machine is running. “Junior’s” portability allows shared use on several machine tool sumps and the tramp oil separator’s simplified operation requires less operator involvement.

“The Master Coalescer Jr. has an electric, 120 volt diaphragm pump that primes to 48 inches,” said Mr. Wendt. “This self-priming pump uses less energy, which offers cost savings,” he stated. The Master Coalescer Jr. has an easily removable media pack that provides up to 132 square feet of coalescing surface. No adjustments need to be made and the new floating skimmer—only 3” in diameter—works in sumps as shallow as 1 ½” deep to collect oils and soiled fluids.


The tramp oil separator is also available in a portable model with wheels. The portable Master Coalescer Jr. provides the same hard working performance but goes from one sump to another with ease. “Portable Jr.” features two rigid and two swivel casters and a hinged pull handle with handy magnetic latch.


* Submersible pump is standard with no flow rate adjustment required * Pump is mounted in an enclosure on the end of the tank * Easily removed, oleophylic polypropylene coalescing plate pack with 111 square feet of coalescing area for maximum oil removal efficiency * Tank drain valve for cleaning * Adjustable feet for leveling purposes * Adjustable oil removal weir pipe * Lid on tank * Floating oil collector to collect oils and dirty fluid * Pre-pump strainer * Optional casters * Optional self-priming, centrifugal pump for pumping from below ground sumps * Optional 316 stainless steel tanks for high or low pH fluids * Optional larger tank sizes and flow rates * Optional 110 volt 50 hz and 220 volt 50 hz operation
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