Small but Mighty Weight Processor


The Hardy HI 6200 series are high-performance single-channel Weight Processors featuring industrial Ethernet-based communications, IIoT compatibility, remote diagnostics, and a user-friendly touch screen interface. Ideal for OEMs and System Integrators building machinery where fast, stable weight data and low-cost of ownership are critical components to successful design.


Ultra-compact at just 2 inches wide and 3 inches high (without connectors), the HI 6200 series saves cabinet space, allowing for high-density panel design over traditional weighing instrumentation, reducing both machine cost and control cabinet footprint.


The HI 6200 series is designed to replace 4-20mA signal conditioners and analog strain gage transmitters with Fieldbus connectivity, providing machine builders the advantage of the communicating parameters and advanced diagnostics. The HI 6200 series enables a proactive maintenance strategy while reaping the benefits of IIoT device level connectivity through a built-in Webserver or directly via the UDP layer.


The intuitive 1.8” TFT-LCD touch screen interface is thoughtfully designed so that anyone with basic scale knowledge can set-up and operate the instrument without having to read a manual or receive instruction. Despite its tiny size, the high contrast color TFT display provides crisp easy to read measurements and instrument status.


Powerful 24-bit processing, state of the art hardware design, combined with Hardy’s WAVERSAVER® technology ensure fast stable weight readings in even the most adverse conditions that plague process control. As a co-processor to a control system such as a PLC, DCS or PAC, the HI 6200 delivers 100 updates per second of processed weight data at resolutions exceeding 1:10,000 without placing an additional burden or delay into control loops that depend on fast accurate readings from analog sensors.

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