Small, Durable Magnetic Encoder


Avtron Manufacturing, Inc. (, a privately held manufacturer of industrial motor speed control equipment, proudly announced the first shipments of its new HS35M magnetic encoder. Avtron is recognized worldwide as the market leader in heavy duty industrial encoders, used to provide precise speed control in paper and steel mills, wind turbine generators, oil and gas drilling, and other severe environment applications. The HS35M encoder is designed for industrial applications, and its hollow shaft, insulated design can be fit directly on motor shafts as well as machine shafts. “The HS35M encoder incorporates magnetic sensing technology from Avtron’s Heavy and Severe Duty lines of encoders, but shrinks the size of the package to the industry-standard HS35 envelope”, said Brian Winter, Encoder Product Manager at Avtron. “What kills many encoders is water or dust—over time, materials enter the encoder. With photo-eye based designs, the dust and/or water droplets prevent the encoder from ‘seeing’ the encoder’s disk, and the encoder malfunctions. HS35M magnetic technology ‘sees through’ contamination, and the HS35M encoder keeps working long after competitive units fail.” Additional advantages of the magnetic HS35M over conventional designs are numerous: The insulated housing protects against motor shaft currents that can destroy the bearings in conventional units. HS35M shaft sizing inserts allow customers and distributors to quickly resize the product to meet any need. Perhaps most importantly, the optional industrial EPIC style connector eliminates the need for soldering to connect the HS35M encoder.
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