Small, low cost DC drive will suit OEMs


Four models are available, with maximum continuous armature currents of 34, 58, 82 or 106 Amps, producing power outputs of 14, 24, 34 or 44kw at 460 V DC. The extremely small footprint of 250 mm x 204 mm helps designers produce a compact unit and makes for simple installation.

There is a wide choice of AC supply, a configurable field bridge for easy motor field voltage matching and isolated control electronics for easy connection to other drives and equipment.

The units employ closed loop control of both armature current and feedback voltage to give precise control of the motor torque and speed. A stall timer that automatically removes power after 30 seconds if the required speed cannot be achieved protects motor and drive. The SLE will provide up to 150% of the pre-set maximum current for up to 30 seconds, allowing high short-term torque during acceleration or other changes in load.

Independent control of either the current or speed loops by external inputs, allows torque or speed control applications with over-speed or over-current protection. The demand signal may be derived from a potentiometer, 0-10 V signal or 4-20 mA loop. The speed feedback signal may be selected to be the armature voltage or a shaft mounted tachometer. A comprehensive range of extra inputs and outputs are available.

From a single stand-alone drive to a complex control system using multi-drives, the SLE has all the control features required to allow users to design systems for the most demanding applications.


• AC Supply Range - 200 to 240v • Typical Armature Voltage @ 415VAC - 460v • Max Continuous Armature Current - 106A • Nominal Power @ 460VDC - 44KW / 60HP
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