Small Panel Meters


These digital panel meters are half the size of regular meters, yet boast complete programming capabilities. Users can program relay setpoints, select from 18 timer ranges, choose green or red backlit LCD display, adjust intensity, and add two optional modules. Free Crimson 2.0 software makes progamming all CUB5 models easy. Red Lion Controls, Inc., York, PA


• DISPLAY: 8 digit LCD 0.46" (11.7 mm) high digits • CUB5R000: Reflective LCD with full viewing angle • CUB5B000: Transmissive LCD with selectable red or green LED backlight, • viewing angle optimized. Display color change capability with output state • when using an output module. • POWER: Input voltage range is +9 to +28 VDC with short circuit and input • polarity protection. Must use an RLC model MLPS or an NEC Class 2 or • Limited Power Source (LPS) rated power supply. • COUNTER DISPLAYS: • Counter A: 8-digits, enabled in all count modes • Display Range: -9999999 to 99999999 • Overflow Indication: Display flashes “Cnt OVEr” • Counter B: 7-digits, enabled in Dual Counter Mode or batch counting • Display Designator: “b” to the left side of the display • Display Range: 0 to 9999999 (positive count only) • Overflow Indication: Display flashes “bCntOVEr” • Maximum Count Rates: 50% duty cycle • Without setpoint option card: 20 KHz (all count modes) • With setpoint option card: 20 KHz for any count mode except Dual Counter • (16 KHz), Quadrature x2 (14 KHz) and Quadrature x4 (13 KHz). • RATE DISPLAY: 6-digits, may be enabled or disabled in any count mode • Display Designator: “R” to the left side of the display • Display Range: 0 to 999999 • Over Range Display: “R OLOLOL” • Maximum Frequency: 20 KHz • Minimum Frequency: 0.01 Hz • Accuracy: ±0.01% • COUNT/RATE SIGNAL INPUTS (INP A and INP B): • Input A: DIP switch selectable to accept pulses from a variety of sources. • See Section 2.0 Setting the DIP Switches for Input A specifications. • Input B: Logic signals only • Trigger levels: VIL = 1.0 V max; VIH = 2.4 V min; VMAX = 28 VDC • Current sinking: Internal 10K pull-up resistor to +9 to 28 VDC • Filter (LO Freq.): Damping capacitor provided for switch contact bounce. • Limits input frequency to 50 Hz and input pulse widths to 10 msec min. • USER INPUT (USR): Programmable input. Connect to input common (INP • COMM) to activate function. Internal 10K pull-up resistor to +9 to 28 VDC. • Threshold Levels: VIL = 1.0 V max; VIH = 2.4 V min; VMAX = 28 VDC • Response Time: 5 msec typ.; 50 msec debounce (activation and release) • MEMORY: Nonvolatile E2PROM memory retains all programming • parameters and count values when power is removed. • CONNECTIONS: Wire clamping screw terminals • Wire Strip Length: 0.3" (7.5 mm) • Wire Gage: 30-14 AWG copper wire • Torque: 5 inch-lbs (0.565 N-m) max. • CONSTRUCTION: This unit is rated for NEMA 4X/IP65 requirements for • outdoor use. Installation Category I, Pollution Degree 2. High impact plastic • case with clear viewing window. Panel gasket and mounting clip included. • ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: • Operating Temperature Range for CUB5R000: -35 to 75 °C • CERTIFICATIONS AND COMPLIANCES: • SAFETY • UL Recognized Component, File #E179259, UL61010-1, CSA 22.2 No. 61010-1 • Recognized to U.S. and Canadian requirements under the Component • Recognition Program of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. • UL Listed, File # E137808, UL508, CSA C22.2 No. 14-M95 • LISTED by Und. Lab. Inc. to U.S. and Canadian safety standards • Type 4X Outdoor Enclosure rating (Face only), UL50 • IECEE CB Scheme Test Report #E179259-V01-S02 • Issued by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. • IEC 61010-1, EN 61010-1: Safety requirements for electrical equipment • for measurement, control, and laboratory use, Part 1. • IP65 Enclosure rating (Face only), IEC 529
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