Small Robots for Quick Applications in Restricted Areas


Racer5-0.63 and Racer5-0.80 join the small robot family for quick applications in restricted spaces, including handling, assembly, and pick & place. Both are controlled by the R1C 19" rack-mounted controller, which can be integrated into a single cabinet to control an entire line. The robots are also available in the openROBOTICS version where the robot is directly integrated into the existing machine/line automation controlled by B&R technologies.

Both robots are built on the Racer3 technological platform, thus offering solutions which share the same components and parts, in a strategy aimed at expanding the integrated range of robots.



  • Racer5-0.63 features a reach of 630mm and payload of 5kg.
  • Racer5-0.80 is also rated for a payload of 5kg, but has an extended reach of 809mm.
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