Smart Camera Delivers 2-MPx Resolution at Video Frame Rate!


High-speed progressive scan camera (IPX-2M30-L) offers beyond-megapixel resolution, video frame rates, and programmability. It delivers a maximum frame rate of 33 fps with nearly 2-megapixel resolution, and is ideal for machine vision, surveillance, etc.


* 1600 x 1200 @ 33 fps * Mono or Color, 8/10/12-bit data * Base Camera Link, Single or Dual Tap * RS232 Serial Communication * 32-bit Risc Processor * Horizontal and Vertical binning * Programmable Resolution and Frame Rate * Programmable External Trigger * Dynamic Transfer Function Correction * Dynamic S/N Correction * Temperature Monitor * Flat Field Correction (X and Y Direction) * Defective Pixel Correction * Field upgradable software, firmware, LUT * Custom Firmware Available
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