Smart Factory AMP8000 Distributed Servo Drives


The AMP8000 distributed servo drive system promotes advanced motion control architectures that are cost-effective, highly efficient, and easily adjustable through dramatic reductions in electronics, mechanical hardware, and cabling. By combining a servo drive and servomotor into one device, the AMP8000 system reduces the overall packaging machine footprint and space requirements inside control cabinets and enclosures. A single coupling module can operate up to five drives using the EtherCAT P One Cable Automation solution that supplies industrial-grade power and EtherCAT industrial Ethernet communication.


The one cable solution EtherCAT P can be used for consistently cabling entire distributed servo drive systems. EtherCAT P combines communication and power supply in one cable. Instead of having to use multiple connection cables between a control cabinet and a machine, a single cable to the AMP8805 distribution module is all it takes, because each of the AMP8805 distribution Servo Drives is in turn connected to the distribution module with just a short cable. Since the entire system can be cascaded, even complex machines or lines can be implemented in simple topologies.


TwinSAFE is a universal safety concept that seamlessly integrates safety functionalities—from the PLC to I/Os through to the drive technology—into the standard control platform. All safety functions such as emergency stop, safety door monitoring, two-hand operation, safety mat monitoring, muting, safe position, safely limited speed, a.o., can be programmed and/or configured with the universal TwinCAT engineering platform. The distributed AMP8000 Servo Drives support drive-integrated STO/SS1 safety functions with TwinSAFE as per IEC 61800-2 by default.


Requiring no alterations to the existing machines, the AMP8000 boasts power ratings from 0.61 to 1.23 kW and standstill torque ratings from 2.00 to 4.8 Nm at an F4 flange size or power ratings from 1.02 to 1.78 kW and standstill torque ratings from 4.10 to 9.7 Nm with an F5 flange. The servo drive system also represents the Beckhoff commitment to promoting safety technology in all areas via integrated STO and SS1 safety functions.


  • servo drives directly integrated into the motor
  • highly efficient, thermally insulated power electronics of the drive
  • significantly smaller control cabinets
  • reduced wiring effort and shortest possible cable lengths with AMP8805 distribution module
  • coupling and distribution modules are the ideal solution for modular machine layouts
  • cost-efficient wiring with only one cable between control cabinet and machine
  • efficient drive system through a DC link system that uses regenerative energy
  • no change in attachment dimensions in spite of high IP 65 protection degree
  • no changes in machine design required
  • STO/SS1 safety function as standard; optionally TwinSAFE Safe Motion with extensive safety functions
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