Smart Glasses Go Global


The next generation of its Skylight platform is now available.The latest release offers an even more scalable AR solution to support mass deployment of smart glasses across a global workforce, improves user interface (UI) to ease adoption, and adds capabilities that allow rapid creation of new Skylight Applications for faster return on investment and a lower total cost of ownership for customers.


For the new release, the most notable capabilities include:

  • Skylight Application Builder: A simple, drag-and-drop interface and library of UI cards that allow non-technical personnel to quickly build Skylight Applications based on existing processes. This reduces time-to-market and development costs associated with identifying and piloting new AR use cases across an organization.
  • Skylight Connect: A tool that enables immediate, codeless integration of Skylight with common databases and web services. With Skylight Connect, customers can quickly deploy new Skylight Applications that tap into enterprise systems while reducing complexity, support and maintenance costs for IT.
  • Skylight SDK: An all new software development kit (SDK) that enables developers to use common programming methods, languages, and toolsets to rapidly build a deeper level of control and customization of Skylight Applications.
  • Skylight Live: A comprehensive suite of new live HD video collaboration tools built into the Skylight experience to allow workers to solve issues faster and improve outcomes. Added features include remote camera zoom and capture, and annotation on shared documents and snapshots.


In addition, starting with the new release, Upskill now offers multiple Skylight product tiers and deployment options to provide organizations with more choices for how to get started and increase usage of AR across their company.

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