Smart Glasses with Breakthrough Display Technology


The third generation of its Moverio smart glasses for augmented reality, Moverio BT-300 features Epson’s breakthrough silicon-based OLED (organic light emitting diode) digital display technology, enabling truly transparent mobile augmented reality (AR) experiences for business and consumers.

The Moverio BT-300 is the lightest binocular see-though smart glasses announced to date, and is more than 20% lighter than the Moverio BT-200, setting a new standard for augmented reality smart eyewear.

The glasses are powered by a quad core Intel® Atom X5 processor and Android 5.1, enabling efficient rendering of complex 3D experiences. An upgraded 5 mega pixel front-facing camera and on-board sensors enable the Moverio BT-300 to more precisely determine the location of objects in the real world. The Si-OLED projection system can then seamlessly render and lock 3D content to these objects, with no display background or edges in the field of view.




  • Lightest smart glasses on market (20% lighter than BT-200)
  • OLED display- more natural color and images
  • Unique design fits over regular glasses
  • Improved nose and cable design increase comfort
  • HD binocular display (720p) (1280x720)
  • Wider color spectrum projection than BT-200
  • 5m pixel camera


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