Smart Helmet Supercharges Workers


The Smart helmet is sensor-filled smart headset/ hard hat is the supercharged industrial equivalent to consumer augmented reality device. It comes with thermal vision, data visualization capabilities, guided work instructions, and the ability for a remote expert to see your POV and guide you along. It drastically enhances a user's ability to install or perform repairs on critical equipment.


The hands-free operation reduces distractions, improves safety, and allows wearers to focus on task in front of them.


The helmet can be programmed using the company’s 4D Studio software, which enables users to use drag-and-drop models to create custom work instructions and data visualizations. The software supports 2D and 3D images, audio, and video files, making it possible for anyone wearing the smart helmet to see that information superimposed over their view of the world.




  • Data Visualization to give workers distributed information and situational awareness outside of the control room to improve efficiency by reducing the amount of movement and the need for a centralized location.
  • Thermal Vision to create a safer environment for workers by giving them the ability to visualize, passively record, and analyze temperature data in their real world environment. This improves equipment maintenance and monitoring.
  • Guided Work Instructions to provide workers with intuitive augmented instructions on the job so they’ll understand processes quickly, spend less time on each step, and make fewer errors.
  • Remote Expert to remotely assist workers, by enabling them to see their colleague’s point of view and elevate their skill level. Both the expert and the onsite team member will be able to address issues quickly.


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