Smart High Vacuum System for Researchers


All-new TURBOLAB are plug-and-play high vacuum pump systems based on well-proven components.  Different configurations cover individual vacuum demands.  Our TURBOLAB comes completely preassembled with turbomolecular pump, backing pump and the innovative TPU display power link for detailed product specifications.




     Perfectly adjusted plug-and-play high vacuum system with enhanced pump performance

  Covering more applications with a full range of high vacuum and dry or wet fore vacuum pumps

  Small footprint and compact mobile design, easy to relocate pumps out and away from frame

  Prepared for worldwide voltage

  Backlight display (control/monitoring/configuration)

  Monitored data are automatically stored to a data log file in the TURBOLAB. Users can easily

view the log file with the TURBOLAB data viewer software tool or via the data viewer in the web


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