Smart-Hose Break-Away


The Smart-Hose Break-Away has been designed to protect your plant’s piping and bulk-head from pull-away incidents. Designed to integrate with the Smart-Hose safety system and engineered with a predetermined break-point. The Smart-Hose Break-Away can add an additional layer of protection inside your plant and transport hoses while protecting your facility from the devastating consequences of a pull-away accident.

Smart-Hose Technologies manufactures the world’s only industrial hose assembly that is engineered with internal valves that are integrated with-in each end fitting. The Smart-Hose safety system is designed to instantaneously shut down the flow in both directions in the event of a catastrophic hose failure. The Smart-Hose safety system is a passive safety system and there-fore, needs no human intervention to activate.

Features and Benefits:

  • 360 Degree Engineered Break-away point.
  •  Rugged shock proof design with annular seals.
  • Built in Bumper feature.
  • 316 SS Schedule 80 construction.


  • protect your plant’s piping and bulk-head
  • engineered with internal valves
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