Smart LED Displays For Packaging, Warehousing, Distribution, Manufacturing


IPdisplays LLC today introduced a line of customizable, intelligent LED displays in multiple, configurable formats, which do not need middleware or a server to “drive” them. These displays can feature both text and graphics, in red, green, or amber, and come in a variety of sizes. Available now, IPdisplays is selling these signs directly and also offers OEM agreements, in which the signs can be incorporated into enterprise-level systems in a variety of industries and applications. Using an open Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) software system developed by IPdisplays, these microprocessor-based smart displays can have data pushed to them or intelligently pull information from a variety of sources to provide immediate, real-time information to management and workers about productivity, machinery performance, data that might affect operations, and more. Smart LED Displays Use the Latest Web Services Technologies Smart LED displays from IPdisplays incorporate the latest Web Services, SOA, and XML technologies – and there are significant benefits to this approach. The benefits of this technology approach include: 1) Ability to pull and push information to the displays via the Internet or an intranet; 2) Ability to set data thresholds on the signs (the signs automatically can watch for specific data thresholds, and visually alert management and/or workers when those thresholds have been crossed, with a change in color, or blinking); 3) Ability to use conditions and soft logic to change layouts or messages when events warrant action. 4) Ability to access the signs remotely via a Web browser; 5) Ability to receive data from any platform capable of consuming a Web service, including Unix/Linux, Java, IBM iSeries/AS400, or Windows platforms; and 6) Reduced equipment and maintenance costs (due to minimized support requirements because less equipment is needed to run the signs, i.e. since no middleware is needed an additional host PC/server is not needed.) A Product Family of 12 Smart LED Signs IPdisplays currently offers a product family of 12 smart LED displays ranging in height from 6.9 to 22 inches and ranging in width from 30.5 to 91 inches. Stylized end caps also are available and add an extra 3.8 inches to the width. All signs in the IPdisplays product family are 2.5 inches deep. IPdisplays’ Smart Sign Features IPdisplays’ smart LED signs offer a variety of notable features including: • Dynamic, highly configurable layouts • Multiple color options • Default text and graphics plus customization capabilities • Ultra-bright LED technology • Browser-based interface • Remote access, trouble-shooting and configuring capabilities • Data threshold capabilities • Open-platform system design • Services Oriented Architecture IPdisplays’ Smart Sign Benefits • Flexibility in how to display information • Easy differentiation between data points because of color coding • Time savings from easy configurability and easy-to-use graphical user interface • High readability from a distance • No need for another PC to drive the sign • Immediate automated feedback when certain parameters or conditions have been met
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