Smart pH Sensor and Transmitter Offers Increased Field Calibration Reliability


Foxboro Smart pH Sensor and Transmitter combines a rugged polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) body and enhanced smart capabilities for customers who need high performance and longer life with easier, faster, and more reliable calibrations.

The device can be calibrated at any time against a “standard” or “reference” transmitter, or laptop PC, in the instrument shop, with the parameters stored on an onboard memory chip.


Other features of the new PH10 Smart Sensor include:
•    Rugged PVDF body, flat membrane sensing electrode, and Nafion ion barrier to protect the internal reference and reduce fouling. The ruggedness also extends the product’s service life, resulting in decreased maintenance costs and a lower overall cost of ownership compared to other pH sensors
•    Sensor stores other parameters, such as glass resistance, reference resistance, date of manufacture, serial number, sales order number, and history logs to help manage the deployment and performance of the pH sensor
•    Sensor can be calibrated with a PC using an interface cable and Field Device Tool Group certified software
•    Sensor incorporates digital technology. The pH and temperature signals are converted from analog to digital in the sensor body through the use of on-board electronics. The electronics also provide memory so that the pH calibration can be stored in the sensor
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