Smart Sensor Enables Speed Monitoring


VM3 is a revolutionary sensor that combines speed detection with triaxial vibration and temperature, enabling continuous monitoring of variable speed assets. Variable speed, intermittently operating and spared assets have traditionally been difficult to monitor with predictive maintenance programs since the equipment could be operating under different conditions when measurements are taken. With VM3, users can trend readings under consistent operating conditions.


The VM3 offers sophisticated event-based measurement, such as taking readings only when the asset is running at a specific speed. By enabling smart measurements, VM3 provides more consistent readings and battery life of up to five years.


Data from the VM3 is transmitted over standard WiFi to the ARO Cloud, where users can see at a glance what is happening with their assets and drill down for diagnostics with detailed analyst tools. VM3 also offers Bluetooth connectivity for greater deployment flexibility. This provides a way for companies to get started without wireless infrastructure, using instant measurements with an iPhone or iPad. Onboard storage minimizes data loss during connectivity interruptions. VM3 stores up to 50 high-resolution readings and transmits automatically when wireless connection is re-established, preventing data loss.


VM3 has been designed from the ground-up to offer increased battery life. Battery replacement has been one of the major hurdles for wide-scale IIoT deployments. By taking readings only when assets are operating and taking advantage of onboard storage for less frequent transmission, companies can extend battery life.

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