Smart Sensor System Improves Productivity


IO-Link Master and sensors go beyond problem detecting to help actually improve machine productivity. Enhanced sensors simplify configuration, monitor machine health, and communicate data and diagnostics in real-time, providing more useful info for smarter manufacturing.

IO-Link-enabled sensors provide a continuous flow of diagnostic information from the production line, helping better predict maintenance needs.

Once interfaced with an IO-Link master, users can access advanced data and configuration capabilities while using the same three-wire cables.


  • 42EF RightSight General Purpose Sensors: features of larger solutions and puts them in a smaller, more adaptable package to deliver excellent detection capabilities where size and shape matter
  • Bulletin 42JS and 42JT VisiSight Sensors: small rectangular package with visible light beam for ease of alignment and industry standard mounting holes spacing of 25.4 mm. Each model offers PNP or NPN and light operate or dark operate outputs
  • Bulletin 45CRM Color Registration Mark Sensors: high-speed response time and emit three LED colors (red, green, and blue) to discern the difference in color response between the mark and background.
  • Bulletin 45LMS Laser Measurement Sensors: excellent mid- to long-range measurement solution. Available in three ranges, this sensor uses the Time of Flight (ToF) principle and has a relatively small beam spot, even from a distance of 50m
  • Bulletin 871C Mini Tubular Sensors are self-contained, general purpose, solid-state devices designed to sense the presence of ferrous and nonferrous metal objects without touching them. These small-barrel sensors are designed for space-critical applications where standard size sensors simply won't fit
  • Bulletin 871TM Tubular Stainless Steel Sensors are ideal for harsh or extremely demanding environments. These sensors resist impact, abrasion and corrosion—to keep things moving where ordinary sensors grind to a halt. This line features full mechanical seals at all barrel openings and full epoxy encapsulation for optimal performance in the toughest environments
  • Bulletin 1734 POINT I/O modules offer digital, analog, and specialty I/O, as well as POINT Guard safety-rated I/O, with one to eight points per module. You can mix standard and safety I/O in the same system. Comprehensive diagnostics and configurable features make POINT I/O easy to apply
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