‘Smart’ Thickness Measurement System


The new SmarTest concept consisting of an app and a wireless sensor offers the perfect solution for measuring coating thickness with the help of smart phones and tablets.

The SmarTest version of SIDSP® sensors to measure coating thickness combines exceptional precision in measuring and resistance to interference with the advantages of the modern wireless technology. The digitally generated readings on the sensor are relayed by Bluetooth to your smart phone or tablet. The SmarTest App functions as a device for evaluating and thus replaces a conventional coating thickness gauge.

SmarTest App - the App for evaluation
The App functions include a clear display of current measuring value, statistical evaluation, storage of measuring values in files, 2-point calibration, measuring unit metric/imperial switchover and export of the series of measurement in the CSV format. All the functionalities of a smart phone are available for data transfer.

For instance, you have the ease of sending your measuring data to any receiver by e-mail. The intelligent SmarTest sensor is made to fit any jacket pocket. In combination with smart phones or tablets this forms an ultra modern full-set for experts on site to measure coating thickness.



  •  Wireless sensor for coating thickness measurement
  • SmarTest App turns your android smartphone or tablet into a measuring device
  • Always stay on top of information with an updated app
  • Item Nos. #DF-720120, #DF-720130

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