Smart Wiring Application


Wiring a control cabinet requires a lot of time and expertise, however Eplan is making the process much easier with the Smart Wiring Application. The software visualizes the wiring and provides the necessary production data 100% digitally. The advantage: knowledge of the control technology is plugged into the system in the future. Users benefit from substantial timesavings for last-minute changes because the software also handles the often complex task of project comparison. The Smart Wiring Application provides step-by-step instructions for the panel shop based on engineering data.



  • Integrated workflow from customer requirements through engineering to manufacturing and testing
  • 100% digital data
  • Wiring without schematics
  • Perfect visualization
  • Step-for-step directions for the worker
  • Project comparison for last-minute changes
  • Logging of wiring status
  • Better scalability of workloads
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