SmartActuator Plus delivers fully programmable motion control


The ICR Plus linear rod-style SmartActuator from Tolomatic is a fully programmable integrated actuator for complex industrial motion-control applications requiring 100 percent duty-cycle performance. The ICR Plus integrates a programmable digital drive, servomotor and actuator in a compact all-in-one package to deliver maximum flexibility for low- to medium-force applications. At half the price of traditional electric systems, the SmartActuator ICR Plus can be built to order and ready to ship in five days from factory order.
“The programmability of the SmartActuator ICR Plus makes it extremely flexible in industrial linear motion-control applications,” says Aaron Dietrich, electric products manager, Tolomatic.  “With powerful software and an intuitive interface, the ICR Plus can operate in a stand-alone mode, a communications mode, a stepper mode or an analog position mode. From multi-axis pick-and-place systems to solutions requiring programmable motion profiles, the ICR Plus makes linear motion easy to apply.”
The SmartActuator ICR Plus model operates on either 24 VDC or 48 VDC and accepts signals from PLCs, sensors or an existing motion controller. The integrated digital drive features a flexible indexer programming environment capable of solving the most complex application challenges. With CANopen and DeviceNet communications capabilities, the ICR Plus can be daisy-chained with up to 127 other units.
Incorporating Tolomatic’s Endurance TechnologySM features for long service life with no maintenance, the ICR Plus combines a powerful servomotor with a rugged ball screw housed in a sturdy aluminum extrusion. Two screws can be selected, providing up to 80 pounds of continuous force (150 pounds peak) for speeds up to 23 inches per second, or up to 200 pounds continuous force (400 pounds peak) for speeds up to 9 inches per second. Maximum stroke length is 24 inches.

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