SmartDect Wearable Collision Avoidance System


With the aim of further improving safety inside factories and distribution centers,  the wearable SmartDect is a collision-avoidance system that uses ultra-wideband technology to enable AGVs/LGVs to detect operators and manually guided vehicles moving in the surrounding area. This reduces and often avoids any risk related to potentially dangerous situations caused by incorrect or unforeseen behaviors.


Each vehicle is fitted with antennas that communicate in real-time with the tags worn by the operators and placed on manually guided vehicles. The system allows each AGV/LGV to detect the tags, tracking their position, speed, and direction of movement. Through this process, the AGV/LGV can tell if there is a potential danger of collision with the moving element and, consequently, slows down to a stop or continues on its path, if all is clear. At the same time, the wearable device provides feedback to the operator in the form of vibration, flashing light or sound to warn them of a possible approaching danger.

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