SmartKnifeTM SAFETY cutters


This Cutter represents the latest development in the line of SmartKnifeTM SAFETY cutters. The 0.63 mm thick blade is highly suitable for use with virtually any type of material. The ergonomically styled heavy-duty cutter made of aluminum, provides for perfectly controlled cutting operations - ideal for use by right- and left-handers, even when wearing protective work gloves. This Cutter features the time-tested MARTOR SAFETY TECHNOLOGY (MST) in that the spring-loaded blade retracts instantly the moment blade edge contact is lost - even if and when the user holds on to the blade push. The safety system cannot be manipulated! "GS-TESTED FOR SAFETY". Easy blade change: no extra tools required. IMPROVED SAFETY CONCEPT: Previous models of this type of Safety Cutters required the blade to be fully extended before the Safety System responded, NOW the Safety System responds even if the blade is only partially extended. All one has to do is to push the slide to the point where the packaged goods are safe from damage – the maximum extension is 27 mm.


• Length: 26.00 mm • Height: 18.50 mm • Thickness: 0.40 mm • Packaging: 100 per box
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