Smartpen Does the Work for You


The stylus and PDA tandem has wanted to usurp the pen and paper for quite some time, immediately transferring handwritten text into a digital file. The problem is it just feels so unnatural. With Livescribe 3 Smartpen Black Edition digital smartpen, you get the best of both worlds; The smooth flow of a real pen, which clones your copy onto your Android or iOS device via Bluetooth. The catch is you have to use a special microdotted Livescribe paper. A major advantage for meetings is it can synch audio recorded on your device to your notes, so you can jot a few notes and go back to get the full context.



  • The quickest, simplest way to bring valuable information from paper onto your tablet and smartphone, where it becomes more useful
  • Uses your smartphone or tablet’s microphone to record audio that’s synchronized to everything you write on paper
  • Search your handwritten notes and convert what you write into digital text with amazing accuracy
  • Built-in memory on the smartpen captures and stores your notes, allowing you to sync to up to 4 iOS and Android devices
  • Connects to your iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth Smart (Low Energy) to sync everything you write or draw to the free Livescribe+ app
  • Once your notes are in the Livescribe+ mobile app, you can organize, tag, play back audio and send/share notes to any of the devices you use
  • Features a sleek, matte-black finish complemented by a glass-reinforced clip and a smooth writing experience that feels luxurious and effortless
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