Smartphone IR Attachment Ready for Even More Rugged Workload


The FLIR ONE Pro, the next generation of the afforable thermal imaging smartphone (iOS and Android) attachment, is the most rugged and advanced version yet. Drop tested to 1.8 M and able to withstand harsh work and outdoor environments, the add-on device proves a cost-effective and essential tool for inspectors, contractors, maintenance engineers and more.

Pointing the attached Lepton camera at an electrical panel, for instance, will immediately indicate if the the temperature is in range and operating safely. Target a wall to search for lower temps to find water damge. 

Whatever the job, the  MSX technology gives the appearance of the resolution of a thermal imager that costs thousands more than the $399 device. This, paired witrh VividIR video processing, provides the highest thermal image quality and clarity of all FLIR ONE generations.

The redesigned app automatically recognizes when the FLIR ONE Pro is connected, automatically offering a host of pro-capable tools including radiometry, or the ability to take accurate temperature measurements, and even multiple temperature spots for situations where pinpointing temperature differences in a scene is critical. After taking an image or video, the FLIR ONE Pro then allows users to analyze image and send reports to their clients at the touch of a button to streamline communications and save time on the job site.

 A third-genration new FLIR ($199) is also now available.





  • OneFit adjustable connector for smartphone cases
  • improved FLIR ONE app
  • Smartwatch compatibility: Apple Watch and Android Smartwatches
  • higher resolution thermal sensor
  • VividIR advanced image
  • MSX provides high resolution via Leptona nd standard camera data blended together
  • FLIR ONE Pro has four times the resolution of the standard third generation FLIR ONE
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