SmartSolutions Starter Kits


SmartSolutions features easy-to-install, integrated, and customizable IIOT kits of sensors, wireless solutions, and LED lighting. The kits, combined with integrated software, immediately bring predictive monitoring and maintenance data online. The sensors establish a baseline and quickly identify areas for preventive repairs, bottlenecks in the process or other risks to overall equipment effectiveness.


SmartSolutions has formed a team of IIOT product experts to develop best-in-class product combinations for industrial productivity. The team relied on customer feedback to help shape features of the kits, including simple setup, intuitive reporting dashboard configurability, and scalability. The kits typically pay for themselves in a matter of weeks, as each reduces expenses, improves efficiency, and monitors equipment to prevent downtime, costly repairs, or waste.


The kits developed by SmartSolutions are available through a national network of Banner Engineering distributors, as well as via the Banner Engineering website.

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