Components Corporation, a world leader in the design and manufacture of printed circuit board hardware technology, today announced the availability of the freestanding BC-501 battery contact series.  The low profile, small footprint series ensures a highly reliable, high spring force battery retention due to its exclusive wireform design.  The contacts additionally afford engineers unparalleled design flexibility as the parts can be randomly placed on a circuit board to facilitate optimal board layout and design efficiency.  Moreover, they are manufactured using a next-generation, proprietary technology which eliminates standard plastic housing to further reduce overall package size and weight.
Targeted to OEM’s and assembliers, Component Corporation’s BC-501 battery contacts are ideally suited for employment in the broadest range of space-constrained wireless communications, mobile computing, consumer, and industrial applications in which weight and size are factors.  The contacts therefore are most commonly specified to terminate batteries in such consumer hand-held devices as cell phones, personal digital assistants, and pagers, as well as in test and measurement, medical, and remote monitoring equipment.  
The RoHS-compliant parts feature a current rating of 2 Amperes, and are manufactured of phosphor bronze #510 alloy, with a gold (0.00001 min.) finish over nickel (0.00002 min.) underplate to ensure exceptional performance properties.  Measuring 0.039” (W) X 0.250” (L), the BC-510 contacts are provided on 8 mm wide, 4 mm pitch, conductive polycarbonate tape that meets ANSI/EIA-481 standards, and are supplied on 7” (1,000 pieces) tape and reel.


• Contact Material: Phosphor Bronze #510 Alloy • Finish: .00001 Gold over .00002 Nickel • Package Size: 7"x12mm: 1000 pieces per reel • Taping Specification: EIA-481 • Maximum Current: 2.0 amperes
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