Soft Paste-Type Thermal Gel


New soft paste-type thermal gel from Advanced Antivibration Components -  AAC features excellent thermal conductivity up to 6.5W/m • K. This RoHS  controlled substance is used to fill gaps around heat sources such as  high-performance semiconductors. Other applications involve surface,  underside, and lead heat sources such as IC's. The paste is most popular  for use where it is difficult to fix sheet-type thermal gel. These  applications include: computer internal components, power supplies,  power transistors, and other heat producing components.

 There are 3 types of gels, identified as the V30Z63MDP... Series, which  come in a syringe to make for easier application of the gel. High  specific volume resistance ratio up to 7.2x1014 W • cm. Low dissipation  factor down to 0.0004 at 1MHz. High breakdown voltage up to 9.6 kv/mm.  They contain nothing harmful and are therefore considered  environment-friendly. At the AAC eStore you can check price and  availability, place an online order, download 3-D models, or request a  quote at anytime.
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