Soft Seal Foams for Dust Sealing Solutions in Handheld Electronic Applications


In handheld electronics, such as cell phones, integrated media players, imaging and video, Internet browsers, and other applications, the LCDs must be increasingly sharp and colorful, with outstanding resolution. Visible dust penetration, in many applications, could potentially make a display unreadable, ruin aesthetics, or may even damage electronic components over time. An LCD panel gasket must be able to seal out harmful dust and particulate matter from the displays. PORON Soft Seal materials offer dust sealing solutions required by design engineers in order to uphold the quality of these products. Conformability of the Soft Seal materials allows the gasket to adjust to varying contours and gap thicknesses, while still providing a tight seal under extreme conditions.

These very soft, PET supported materials may be used in numerous applications in electronic handheld device markets because they maintain product stability and are easy to fabricate. PORON Soft Seal foams also are able to withstand the effects of compression over the life of the device while managing damaging impact energy to sensitive components. At a density of 6.5 pounds per cubic foot, they have the lowest density and are the most compressible of all the PORON urethane products.

Available in 1mm thickness (product description SS-06039-90P), PORON Soft Seal foams are the premium choice in dust sealing applications, especially for those that require high conformability along with low closure force.


• Density – 6.5 (104) • Thickness, inches – 0.039 • Tolerance, inches mm - +/- 0.004 (0.10) • Compression – 10 • Standard colour – Soft seal gray
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