Soft Starters for Pumping Applications


RSWT Series is a self-optimizing soft starting solution for water pumps up to 75 hp. Series is a three-phase pump soft starter, in which all three phases are controlled to achieve current balancing on all phases, to minimize vibrations during starting and stopping of centrifugal pumps, and to minimize the inrush current. Through a dedicated self-learning algorithm, the RSWT Series achieves very smooth starting and stopping, with minimal setting adjustments required from the user. Within three to six starts, the RSWT Series reaches optimization. On a positive note, the self-learning routine is active at ensuing starts to ensure optimal starting and stopping parameters are used even if the load changes. This results in less water hammering and reduces the risk of cavitation.



  • Output voltage rating up to 600 v ac
  • 45-mm housing for up to 20 hp (25 amp) switching
  • 75-mm housing for up to 50 hp (55 amp) switching
  • 90-mm housing for up to 75 hp (90 amp) switching
  • LED indication for status and alarms
  • Diagnostic alarm outputs
  • Self-learning algorithm for centrifugal pumps
  • cUL Listed and CE


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