Software Program Assists in Flow Meter Selection - Racine Flow Meter Group


Racine Vortex offers a software program that will help select the proper flow meter. The sizing utility program accounts for system pressure and temperature, as well as media density, viscosity, and specific gravity. It can be downloaded at no charge from There are many variations in the Racine Vortex product line. The sizing software allows customers to enter their application parameters and then it calculates the meter types and sizes that will be most suitable. The user may select from a complete list of Metric and English engineering units, using default or customized reference standards for pressure and temperature. Racine Vortex manufactures the RWG and RWBG-wafer gas meters; RNG-insertion gas meter; RWL-wafer liquid meter; RNL-insertion liquid meter; and the RPL-in-line plastic liquid meter. These products utilize the smallest strut (or "bluff bar") in the industry, which allows for high sensitivity, superior performance at very low flow rates, large turndown ratios, and low pressure drop.
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