Software Update


Software Version 5.2a update 2 contains performance and stability improvements to COMSOL Multiphysics, Server, and Client as well as a small set of additional new features. As part of this update release, the new Rotodynamics Module is available as an optional add-on to the Structural Mechanics Module.


COMSOL versions 5.2a, 5.2a update 1, and 5.2a update 2 provide significant performance improvements compared to version 5.1 and earlier versions. These performance improvements are most notable with respect to the handling of models with several thousand domains, boundaries, edges, and points.


table shows the most important of these performance improvements and the estimated speedup for the handling of large models:

Selections of domains, boundaries, edges, and points10x
Virtual geometry operations (collapse faces)10x
Swept meshing10x
OpenGL rendering10x
CAD import5x
Load/save of .mph files2-10x
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