SolaHD SDN-D Series Power Supplies


The SolaHD SDN-D Series Power Supplies ensure maximum machine availability and minimal unplanned downtime over an extended lifecycle.


Optimized to thrive in heavy-duty environments, these power supplies deliver high-power efficiencies within an ultra-compact, slimline footprint. Available in 10 and 20-Amp models with 24V DC single-phase output, these robust power supplies support manufacturers requiring extensive hazardous location certifications, a wide operating temperature range, and quick drop-in compatibility to replace existing power supplies. Optional redundancy modules allow two SDN-D power supplies to power the same load, addressing the possible loss of a unit due to failure.


By achieving up to 94.2% efficiency, SDN-D power supplies generate far less heat than standard power supplies, resulting in enclosures staying cooler on the inside and preventing heat-related component failure. This advantage is critical in operating environments that already have high ambient temperatures, such as petrochemical refineries, auto manufacturing, and food processing plants. Additionally, the higher efficiencies eliminate the expense of cooling fans in the panel and the need for power supply derating.


Reduced dimensions enable more components to be safely integrated onto panels. Diagnostics information is easily viewable through the incorporation of a single two-color LED with printed status legend and DC OK relay terminals for transmitting diagnostics data to a PLC or controller.


Reliable explosion-proof technology is adapted into the compact size profile. SDN-D power supplies feature international hazardous location certifications.


  • Typical applications include industrial automation, process control, material handling & conveyors, and hazardous locations
  • High-performance unit in a compact package
  • Optional network communications modules provide important diagnostic information to controllers, HMI, and computers
  • Continuous Power Boost: Up to 120% continuous, for temperatures up to 122°F (50°C)
  • Extensive international hazardous location certifications, including Class I Zone 2, ATEX, and IECEx.
  • Inductive Load Power Boost additional short term power, to assist in starting loads with high inrush current
  • Multi-turn potentiometer simplifies the accurate setting of output voltage
  • DC OK Relay Terminals provide diagnostic information to a PLC or controller
  • Circuit Interruption Power Boost provides short duration peak current sufficient to trip properly sized load side fuse or circuit breaker in the event of a load fault
  • Supports redundant power supply operation using optional SDN Redundancy modules
  • Wide operating temperature range accommodates both extreme hot and extreme cold environments
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