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Walter Titex X-treme™ solid carbide high-performance drills from Walter, currently in use in a wide variety of industries including automotive, energy, die and mold and general metalworking applications are now available as non-coolant thru drills.

Like the popular internally-cooled series, these non coolant thru X-treme drills are available from 1/8" to ¾" (3 to 25 mm) diameter and can be used with all common materials. Like the internally cooled line, these new Walter Titex X-treme drills feature a four-margins design which improves the stability of the drills relative to the workpiece. This enables the drills to maintain position at the point of entrance or exit, and also when machining inclined surfaces.
This improvement in drill stability boosts both process reliability and productivity, even in critical drilling situations. That’s because in many cases the processing time for components is reduced, as the user is able to forgo prep operations such as milling a flat surface or drilling pilot holes. The four margins also ensure an improved hole surface finish.

All drills in the Walter Titex X-treme solid carbide series boast an advanced aluminum chromium nitride-based XPL coating. In addition to the universal use of the tools for all ISO material groups, the tools also deliver enhanced tool life. Other features of this range of products include a 140 degree point angle and a cylindrical shank or whistle-notch shank according to DIN 6535. The h6 shank tolerance is suitable for shrink fit chucks.


  • 1/8" to ¾" (3 to 25 mm) diameter
  • four-margins design
  • can be used with all common materials
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